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  1. We have been very pleased with the personal care our mother has received. When she first came to Care One, she was hardly eating but the caregivers sat and fed her and encouraged her to eat now she eats on her own and does well. They are very observant of any slight change in her health status and they are very kind to mom. Care One is always neat and clean I would recommend Care One in a heartbeat.

  2. When it became apparent that my father-in-law could no longer live with us (due to severe loss of vision and advancing dementia) we began to look for alternative places for him to live. We looked at nursing homes but found them to be cold and impersonal. So we turned to personal care homes as our next option. We looked at several in our area but always seems to be a little disappointed. Then we found a jewel, It was love at first sight. It was clean, the people were friendly and there was a great " family feel" to it. We knew it was the right place for my father-in-law instantly. And we haven’t regretted it since!

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