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The home you can trust to care for your seniors with love.

We are living in a world of technology and machines. With all of our advances in this digital age, we have also become disconnected to things that matter the most. The thoughtful caring touch of a person’s hand, time spent listening to and laughing with a loved one, the smell of a homecooked meal, these are all the comforts of having person to person relationships. When life happens and we aren’t able to take care of ourselves the way we were once able to, we need a place to go where the care first. So our goal is to give care to the most valuable people in our lives and assist them in living their most comfortable lives while they are still with us.

The Care One Franchise offers senior care that is individualized and engaging to all our residents. We provide an array of services that support an excellent standard of living for our seniors. We have an interdisciplinary team of care professionals that works proactively to ensure the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our residents within a safe, nurturing, vibrant, and loving environment.

Each of COFI’s nine locations all over Georgia has the following services available:

Queries and Concerns?
Please reach us at 678-395-7536. Our representative will be glad to answer your call and address your concerns.